Streetwalking with Jesus (John Green)

I wanted to read this book after hearing an interview with John Green on the Hugh Hewitt show. After hearing of Deacon Green's amazing ministry, I just had to read his story. Streetwalking with Jesus was an amazing read. The most amazing part, perhaps, is how this book will challenge you in your own spiritual … Continue reading Streetwalking with Jesus (John Green)


The End and the Beginning (George Weigel)

If authors were baseball players, everyone would want George Weigel on his team. He would have the highest batting average in the Major Leagues, hitting doubles and triples with the greatest of ease. And with The End and the Beginning, Weigel has hit another grand slam, a fitting afterword to his masterpiece, Witness to Hope. … Continue reading The End and the Beginning (George Weigel)

The Third Testament (John Eklund)

In his first novel, John Eklund presents a tale of a man who endures great tragedy in the process of finding himself. The Third Testament follows the life of Frank Sankt, a college professor-turned-author who sets out to write an appendix to the Bible. Recognizing the "biblical" nature of many lives and events of the last … Continue reading The Third Testament (John Eklund)