The Third Testament (John Eklund)

In his first novel, John Eklund presents a tale of a man who endures great tragedy in the process of finding himself. The Third Testament follows the life of Frank Sankt, a college professor-turned-author who sets out to write an appendix to the Bible. Recognizing the "biblical" nature of many lives and events of the last … Continue reading The Third Testament (John Eklund)


Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (Meg Meeker)

I found this book shortly after my daughter was born, nearly three years ago now. I read it the following summer on vacation and it was a revelation. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is an amazing book, and one that is required reading for any father who has a daughter, no matter what age. If your … Continue reading Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (Meg Meeker)

It’s a big Church

As my wife and I currently struggle to find a parish that is "just right" in our town, I came across this post by a friend of mine concerning the essentials, and the non-essentials, of the faith. It helped me clarify my thinking a bit about what to look for in a parish–what is essential, … Continue reading It’s a big Church

Evangelical Catholicism: A Call to Renewal

A recent article by Hugh Hewitt reminded me of a theme that I think is under-taught and under-developed in the Catholic Church. That is, Catholics are often afraid to be "evangelical." By evangelical, I do not mean that they act like members of the Protestant sect of the same name. (Although we could learn a … Continue reading Evangelical Catholicism: A Call to Renewal

Back in action

I started working out again. One motivation for this, beyond the obvious need to be healthy, came from a sermon I heard from Msgr. Pope in D.C. (available here).  The basic point: "Christ did not come and die so that you could be mediocre. You should have great expectations." That little bit of encouragement really … Continue reading Back in action