Catholic Men and Infertility

The Bible extols fertility and fruitfulness as a sign of favor from God from the earliest pages of the Bible. We are commanded to “be fruitful and multiply.” Gen. 1:22, 9:7, 35:11. And God promises that, if they are faithful to his covenant, His followers will be rewarded with the blessings of offspring: “‘Now look … Continue reading Catholic Men and Infertility


Lessons in Hope (George Weigel)

There are people in all our lives who have an outsized influence on us. Perhaps it's a family member, but more often it is a coach, a teacher, or someone older in your community. These people touch us so deeply not because they teach us how to do things, but how to be more human. … Continue reading Lessons in Hope (George Weigel)

The Saint vs. the Scholar (Jon M. Sweeney)

The word monastery seemed rather commonplace and easy to spell, I thought, until my Medieval philosophy course in college. There, our French-born professor who retained her thick accent pronounced it clearly: "mon-AH-ster-y." The word came up first when she spoke of Peter Abelard and his love affair with Heloise. With that introduction, we began our comparatively mundane, … Continue reading The Saint vs. the Scholar (Jon M. Sweeney)

Sincerity and Authenticity

In a class I took from Msgr. Robert Sokolowski some years ago, he lamented how modern society esteems the false virtues of "sincerity" and "authenticity" over real virtues. (Some may think Sokolowski is a prophet these days, seeing how his calling out of these two false virtues predated any of the current craziness regarding gender and the proper … Continue reading Sincerity and Authenticity