Recommended blogs, The Philosopher Mom

Here is Round Two of the Recommended Blogs posts. Today I want to point everyone to The Philosopher Mom. Written by an undergrad companion of mine and dear friend, this blog is dedicated to pondering the great questions of life even through the ordinary and mundane. The Aherns have just welcomed a third little lady … Continue reading Recommended blogs, The Philosopher Mom


Polyamory and other failed political theories

As I was walking into the law school the other day, I overheard this snippet of a conversation: "Polyamory is just like Communism–great in theory, but it never works in practice." The comment struck me as similar to what many in Congress think about universal healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform, and other far-reaching programs. The ideas … Continue reading Polyamory and other failed political theories

Chaput on our modern situation

Just up the road in Phoenix, Archbishop Chaput of Denver spoke to the Phoenix Catholic Physician's Guild last month. In his address (courtesy of CERC), Chaput equates our modern moral situation with a culture caught up in the latest fashion, passing fads that fail to sustain our real longings or answer our deepest questions. He … Continue reading Chaput on our modern situation

MacIntyre on Ends and Endings

Alisdair MacIntyre recently presented a lecture at the Catholic University of America's School of Philosophy entitled "Ends and Endings." We have lost a sense of purpose in our society. Much of what we do is meant to further many different, subordinate ends without giving much thought to our true end. MacIntyre presents in a refreshingly … Continue reading MacIntyre on Ends and Endings

Modern Challenges to Homeschooling

UPDATE: My article was accepted for publication and will appear in the spring. More details to come. In the United States, homeschooling families generally are able to educate their children freely. There have been recent cases where judges have ordered children into public schools (see here and here), but these cases are the exception and … Continue reading Modern Challenges to Homeschooling