My favorite Advent hymn

(I'm posting this again this year to redeem the musical selections from our parish this year. Really? "City of God"? Are you serious?) I doubt this will be played at all but .05% of Masses this weekend, and those will probably be monasteries. But, "Lo, He Comes" is a tune that is both beautiful in … Continue reading My favorite Advent hymn

Back from vacation

We just got back from a restful vacation and it was a very restful week. I managed to read (by the end of this evening) six books this week. It was a good time. Work begins on Monday and the grace of my time off is very clear. Archbishop Dolan has this to say about … Continue reading Back from vacation

Recommended blogs, The Philosopher Mom

Here is Round Two of the Recommended Blogs posts. Today I want to point everyone to The Philosopher Mom. Written by an undergrad companion of mine and dear friend, this blog is dedicated to pondering the great questions of life even through the ordinary and mundane. The Aherns have just welcomed a third little lady … Continue reading Recommended blogs, The Philosopher Mom

Back in action

I started working out again. One motivation for this, beyond the obvious need to be healthy, came from a sermon I heard from Msgr. Pope in D.C. (available here). ┬áThe basic point: "Christ did not come and die so that you could be mediocre. You should have great expectations." That little bit of encouragement really … Continue reading Back in action