Another Monday…   Even though there is no word to describe just how bad Mondays really are, I first heard this song in a scene from┬áThe West Wing (likely my favorite TV show of all time) in an episode called "20 Hours in America." It's worth the three and a half minutes to give a little … Continue reading Another Monday…


My favorite Advent hymn

(I'm posting this again this year to redeem the musical selections from our parish this year. Really? "City of God"? Are you serious?) I doubt this will be played at all but .05% of Masses this weekend, and those will probably be monasteries. But, "Lo, He Comes" is a tune that is both beautiful in … Continue reading My favorite Advent hymn

Nurre v. Whitehead, cert denied.

Today, the Supreme Court denied certiorari in Nurre v. Whitehead, a 9th Circuit case I wrote about here. That case held that a school orchestra was prohibited from challenging a school administrator's censorship of certain songs at graduation. The students had chosen to play Biebl's Ave Maria. The school district, however, thought that the instrumental … Continue reading Nurre v. Whitehead, cert denied.