My favorite Advent hymn

(I'm posting this again this year to redeem the musical selections from our parish this year. Really? "City of God"? Are you serious?) I doubt this will be played at all but .05% of Masses this weekend, and those will probably be monasteries. But, "Lo, He Comes" is a tune that is both beautiful in … Continue reading My favorite Advent hymn

Mysteries of the Virgin Mary (Fr. Peter John Cameron, OP)

Fr. Peter John Cameron's new book, Mysteries of the Virgin Mary: Living Our Lady's Graces, is a wonderful book. Cameron proceeds through the various Marian feasts of the liturgical year and provides a fresh meditation on these important feasts. At times, Mysteries reads like a catena aurea of quotes from spiritual masters. Through Cameron's particular … Continue reading Mysteries of the Virgin Mary (Fr. Peter John Cameron, OP)

Happy Feast of St. Joseph

Happy solemnity of St. Joseph. Today is a day for celebration in honor of our Lord's foster father and Mary's protector. Joseph, the often overlooked figure in scripture, is there always for us to intercede and guide. May we never forget his powerful intercession before his foster Son and the throne of grace. In addition, … Continue reading Happy Feast of St. Joseph

The Nine Ways of Prayer

The human person is both body and soul, and it is our goal to take care of both. Ideally, a healthy body will help us do the things that lead to a healthy soul. And a healthy soul will naturally relieve the anxiety, etc. that can lead to an unhealthy body. After 50 days of … Continue reading The Nine Ways of Prayer