The Beast with Seven Heads (Alfred Hanley)

Dr. Hanley offers us another novel with deep Catholic themes wound through the fabric of a very interesting and exciting novel. The Beast with Seven Heads is at times very exciting, at times very haunting, but never disappointing. After a mysterious murder takes place at Monongahela College, Professor Bill Gavin becomes the improbable sleuth after an … Continue reading The Beast with Seven Heads (Alfred Hanley)


The Third Testament (John Eklund)

In his first novel, John Eklund presents a tale of a man who endures great tragedy in the process of finding himself. The Third Testament follows the life of Frank Sankt, a college professor-turned-author who sets out to write an appendix to the Bible. Recognizing the "biblical" nature of many lives and events of the last … Continue reading The Third Testament (John Eklund)