Why we read books

I've not been writing reviews recently for a number of reasons, but I keep reading. We're in Week 20 of the year and I've read 19 books. I hope to finish my 20th this week to keep on schedule. But we don't read books to review them, or to meet a quota, but to learn, … Continue reading Why we read books

The Secret Life of John Paul II (Lino Zani)

In this rare glimpse into John Paul II's private life, Lino Zani gives the reader more than an explanation of the pope's skiing trips in the Italian Alps. The heart of the story is how the "secret" life of John Paul II in the mountains--his clandestine trips to northern Italy--are linked to the secrets of … Continue reading The Secret Life of John Paul II (Lino Zani)

The End and the Beginning (George Weigel)

If authors were baseball players, everyone would want George Weigel on his team. He would have the highest batting average in the Major Leagues, hitting doubles and triples with the greatest of ease. And with The End and the Beginning, Weigel has hit another grand slam, a fitting afterword to his masterpiece, Witness to Hope. … Continue reading The End and the Beginning (George Weigel)

Evangelical Catholicism: A Call to Renewal

A recent article by Hugh Hewitt reminded me of a theme that I think is under-taught and under-developed in the Catholic Church. That is, Catholics are often afraid to be "evangelical." By evangelical, I do not mean that they act like members of the Protestant sect of the same name. (Although we could learn a … Continue reading Evangelical Catholicism: A Call to Renewal

Evangelium Vitae Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years ago today, on this Solemnity of the Annunciation, Pope John Paul II promulgated the encyclical Evangelium Vitae. Since 1995, what has changed in the moral landscape? Not much has changed from one vantage point. Ours is still a "culture of death," as Pope John Paul II described it. We are still on a … Continue reading Evangelium Vitae Fifteen Years Later

A misguided view of love

Leading up to the Valentine's Day holiday, some folks at my school thought it appropriate to give students a chance to express their feelings for one another. Sadly, the exchange reflects the modern misunderstanding of what love is all about. Here is the announcement: LSRJ Condogram Sale! As part of National Condom Week and in … Continue reading A misguided view of love