Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss)

On my holiday reading list is Tim Ferriss's new Tools of Titans. I'm waiting to receive my copy (Christmas can't come soon enough), but I wanted to encourage others to read the book even though I haven't. I've listened to the first chapter that Tim has read on his podcast. This is going to be worth every … Continue reading Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss)


Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (Meg Meeker)

I found this book shortly after my daughter was born, nearly three years ago now. I read it the following summer on vacation and it was a revelation. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is an amazing book, and one that is required reading for any father who has a daughter, no matter what age. If your … Continue reading Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (Meg Meeker)

Back in action

I started working out again. One motivation for this, beyond the obvious need to be healthy, came from a sermon I heard from Msgr. Pope in D.C. (available here).  The basic point: "Christ did not come and die so that you could be mediocre. You should have great expectations." That little bit of encouragement really … Continue reading Back in action

Evangelium Vitae Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years ago today, on this Solemnity of the Annunciation, Pope John Paul II promulgated the encyclical Evangelium Vitae. Since 1995, what has changed in the moral landscape? Not much has changed from one vantage point. Ours is still a "culture of death," as Pope John Paul II described it. We are still on a … Continue reading Evangelium Vitae Fifteen Years Later