Fatherly Wisdom

Father's Day has now come and gone, but I was reminded today of some wise words of Bishop Thomas Olmsted last year at the Diocese of Phoenix's ordination Mass: A father calls things by their proper names; he speaks the truth in love; and he looks with compassion upon every member of each broken family, … Continue reading Fatherly Wisdom

A Grace Given (Kent Gilges)

A Grace Given: a Father's Love for a Dying Child (Kent Gilges) Scepter Publishers , $14.95; Buy it here   A Grace Given is at times heart-wrenching, at times enlightening, at times humbling, and throughout, beautiful. The book is a remarkable testament to a couple's faith and trust in the midst of a parent's worst nightmare--learning … Continue reading A Grace Given (Kent Gilges)

Wing Tip (Sherry Boas)

What does a priest do when faced with several startling revelations, all at the time of his mother's death? That is what awaits in this novel by local Phoenix author, Sherry Boas. The novel takes the reader through a short period in the life of Fr. Dante. After receiving a letter from his mother after … Continue reading Wing Tip (Sherry Boas)

If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod (Conor Gallagher)

This is a book I wish I had written (Mr. Gallagher, like me, is a lawyer and has an MA in philosophy from Catholic University). The book was enjoyable to read, but it was also a wonderful introduction to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics for common folks. Despite the silly title, this book is a serious but … Continue reading If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod (Conor Gallagher)

A Good Man (Mark Shriver)

In the 24-hour media cycle and the era of 24-month presidential campaigns, this story of a politician of a different age was a refreshing tale of what politics should be about. Mark Shriver tells the story of his father, Sargent Shriver, both the highs and lows. It is at times a heartwarming story of love … Continue reading A Good Man (Mark Shriver)

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters – the 30-day challenge (Meg Meeker)

When Dr. Meeker's original book came out, I was elated. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is a gem. Dr. Meeker's 30-day challenge is the practical component that helps fathers apply the principles she outlines in her original work. Until you read the 30-day challenge, you didn't know you needed it. But on reading, you are so thankful that … Continue reading Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters – the 30-day challenge (Meg Meeker)