Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss)

On my holiday reading list is Tim Ferriss‘s new Tools of Titans. I’m waiting to receive my copy (Christmas can’t come soon enough), but I wanted to encourage others to read the book even though I haven’t. I’ve listened to the first chapter that Tim has read on his podcast. This is going to be worth every penny. (His other books are great, too. See here, here, and here.)

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Zero to One (Peter Thiel)


Many things have been written about Peter Thiel’s book, Zero to One, and I thought it was about time I should read it. Thiel is interesting because he and I have so many similarities: we both studied philosophy in college, we both went to law school, we both clerked for a judge, we both worked in a law firm, we are both chess masters, and we both went on to found a company and make billions of dollars. Ok, the last two are not true. I do love chess, but given the way I’m playing recently, the likelihood of me being a chess master is probably less than my likelihood of becoming a billionaire. Given our similarities, though, Peter Thiel has paved the way for me. Perhaps there is Thiel-like success in my future, too.

Thiel’s book, co-written with Blake Masters, is derived from notes that Masters took during a course that Thiel taught in 2012 at Stanford on startups. The title of the course, “Computer Science 183: Startup,” would not have convinced me to take it during law school. It may not even convince me today. But now I’m glad we have the book because Thiel’s wisdom can be spread to the hoi polloi that did not attend an obscure-sounding course at Stanford Law School in 2012. On to the book…

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