Only One Option

Name it what you will, but in the end, there is only one option for Christians in today's world. Rod Dreher's insightful recent work, The Benedict Option, is but one iteration of it. There are others espousing the Dominican Option, the Franciscan Option, even the Justin Martyr Option. But for as many feast days as there are on … Continue reading Only One Option


The End and the Beginning (George Weigel)

If authors were baseball players, everyone would want George Weigel on his team. He would have the highest batting average in the Major Leagues, hitting doubles and triples with the greatest of ease. And with The End and the Beginning, Weigel has hit another grand slam, a fitting afterword to his masterpiece, Witness to Hope. … Continue reading The End and the Beginning (George Weigel)

Cor unum: a family creed

I just finished the Story of the Trapp Family Singers last night and had to recommend it to everyone. Obviously, the Trapp Family is known due to their popularization through the Sound of Music. But, this book–by Maria Von Trapp–is the inside story of what made the family great. It was not their musical talent, … Continue reading Cor unum: a family creed