Living Life Well

Today I attended the funeral Mass for Jeff Van Brunt. Jeff would have been 39 years old in June. He’s six months older than I am, which makes a person think twice. In the course of 75 minutes at Mass, I saw the many people that Jeff had touched in his relatively short life.

Jeff had ALS. We worked together for a year, but by the time I had met him, Jeff was already confined to a wheelchair. I saw the dedication and devotion of his family and community as they cared for him when he became less able to care for himself. Everyone around him learned to pitch in and, thereby, learned to live life well.

I can’t claim that I knew Jeff much at all. I only know a couple of his family members. But even watching from the cheap seats, his life was a remarkable witness to life, love, and faith.

Please pray for Jeff and the consolation of his family.

From his prayer card:

My soul takes pleasure in three things, and they are beautiful in the sight of the Lord and of men: agreement between brothers, friendship between neighbors, and a wife and husband who live in harmony.

  • Sirach 25:1



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