Last week’s election was, many say, a defining moment for America. It was for sure a significant development in American politics. A total outsider with no experience in mainstream politics is the President-elect.

Watching the election returns was surreal. I’m a product of the Reagan 80s and enjoyed seeing the Dukakis implosion, Clinton I’s rise to power, and Bush Part Two. But this was something different altogether. I was in a small town for the day watching the polls and small-town politics was quite a sight. And it was a privilege to see the record turnout from people of each party in voting for what they believed in.

Although the election was a significant moment for the country, I think the real “moment” will be the next six months. We’re starting to see Trump’s choices of advisors and the administration will take shape over the coming months. I’m heartened by some of his choices and look forward to seeing more. At the very least, we need to see what his opening moves are come January 20. I’m eager to see how things take shape.donald_trump_by_gage_skidmore_12




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