The choice

I’ve often said that presidential elections are picking the lesser of two evils, but this year that seems much truer than in years past. I was born in the Carter administration and grew up in the Reagan 80’s. It was a different time, politically and in every other way. This political season has been remarkable for allthe wrong reasons.
Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

If you are actually still undecided–I’m shocked anyone could be at this point–I ask you to spend some time before you go to the polls examining your conscience and truly discerning what a vote for either candidate would mean for the long-term future of this country and your family. Think of your kids and grandkids. Try to ensure that we do not create a morally depraved republic that will continue to decay like the great republics of old. Our country’s future hangs in the balance.

And if you are still undecided, please watch this video as you discern all the issues and make an informed choice about what your vote will mean.







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