When You Suffer (Jeff Cavins)

In the great line of books about suffering, including Peter Kreeft's great Making Sense Out of Suffering and my personal favorite, the sadly out-of-print The Pain of Christ and the Sorrow of God by Fr. Gerald Vann, OP,  comes Jeff Cavins's book, When you Suffer. What Cavins offers that others have not is to frame issues of … Continue reading When You Suffer (Jeff Cavins)

The Right Kind of Crazy (Adam Seltzner)

A couple months ago, I read John McCullough's book about the Wright brothers--a fascinating story of hometown heroes who accomplish something extraordinary through dedication and hard work. It was amazing to hear of how the Wright brothers took what they knew from their days working in a bicycle shop and machining parts and turned it … Continue reading The Right Kind of Crazy (Adam Seltzner)