On the Primitive Way is a touching story of two Texan brothers who, after years of drifting apart, reignite their relationship on the Camino of St. James. Dr. Roussel’s storytelling keeps the reader engaged such that you feel you are making the journey with the brothers and the many Camino companions they meet along the way. Moving from place to place and through each etapa (stage) of the journey, the reader comes to know more about how the brothers grew up, drifted apart, how one found himself, and how they reunited along the journey.

Dr. Roussel is a three-time Camino traveler and provides a lot of interesting details about the tradition of the Camino and the history of Spain throughout. Like Cory, his brother–and his quick pace on the Camino–Dr. Roussel’s style keeps the reader moving quickly through the work as they travel from place to place and encounter different people and experience different things.

My only criticism of this story is that Dr. Roussel could have provided more detail. Both during the telling of the Camino journey itself and at the tragic end of the book, I found myself wanting to know more about him, about Cory, about their relationship, and what was next.

This book is a great gift for anyone who has traveled on the Camino for sure, but also for those looking for a redeeming and uplifting story about the power of family and human relationships–with both God and man. It was well worth the read and I encourage you to get a copy and take the journey as well.

Communitas Press; Paperback; 216 pages; $15.
For a complimentary review copy of the book, I offered to provide an honest review of the book.

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