Wing Tip (Sherry Boas)

What does a priest do when faced with several startling revelations, all at the time of his mother’s death? That is what awaits in this novel by local Phoenix author, Sherry Boas. The novel takes the reader through a short period in the life of Fr. Dante. After receiving a letter from his mother after her death, Fr. Dante realizes his true identity and seeks to foster a relationship with his real father. His mother, a virtuous woman from old money, comes alive as Fr. Dante narrates stories of her falling in love with a man named Mateo, a man Fr. Dante believed to be his father.

The backdrop of Fr. Dante’s upbringing was painted by Mateo’s example as a faithful father, and his mother Elina’s renouncing a life of luxury for a simple, loving home. Yet despite that seemingly solid foundation, Fr. Dante is rocked by the realization that his father is actually someone different. Once he finds out the identity of that person, he does everything he can to arrange a meeting and explain his story.

“And everything else will then turn out to be unimportant and inessential except this: Father, child, and love.”

Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II), Radiation of Fatherhood

Fr. Dante’s story is, in a sense, the search for what Blessed John Paul the Great wrote so many years ago. Fr. Dante sought that love between father and child on a human level, but all the while seeking to reunite the Father and His lost child as the ultimate goal. Most of the book focuses on Fr. Dante’s attempt to reconcile his earthly father with his heavenly Father, with flashbacks to fill in the history in the interstices of the story.

In the end, the book is a welcome addition to the body of new Catholic fiction, even if it is a bit ostentatious in its Catholicism at points. While I prefer the more subtle Catholicism of a Waugh or Powers, the novel is not without its own virtues. I would recommend it to others, particularly those who may benefit from a story of reconciliation and redemption.

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