Father Pacwa’s new book–a Bible study guide for the Year of Faith–is a wonderful thematic introduction to the Bible. Father discusses key scriptural passages in light of six themes: (1) Belief in Jesus Christ, (2) Assent to the Creed, (3) Conversion, (4) The Witness of Charity, (5) Celebrating Faith, and (6) Faith and the New Evangelization.

Under these headings, Father Pacwa examines different aspects of the faith and different portions of the pope’s letter for the Year of Faith, Porta Fidei. After quoting the letter to guide the scriptural discussion for each chapter, Father Pacwa takes the reader through multiple passages on that theme. Father’s approach highlights the need to rediscover scripture during this year, but also the need to re-integrate scriptural themes and passages into our lives and thinking. For instance, under the heading “Celebrating Faith” in Chapter 5, Father Pacwa discusses scripture passages related to the Mass and each individual part of it.

“What the world is in particular need of today is the credible witness of people enlightened in mind and heart by the word of the Lord, and capable of opening the hearts and minds of many to the desire for God and for true life, life without end.” – Porta Fidei, 15.

As Father Pacwa states, we cannot be satisfied with renewing our own personal beliefs and sharing our thoughts with those around us who are like minded. We need to reach out to the larger society and those who are unfamiliar with the Word of God to do our part in the New Evangelization. Father Pacwa’s book is an important offering to those who are looking for a roadmap to learn more about the Bible in this grace-filled year and to prepare themselves to be the new evangelists in our current society.

The book is rather short (less than 100 pages), so it is not intimidating to those who have never done a guided Bible study. It is useful even if you start using it later during the Year of Faith because it does not take an entire year for individuals to work through the book.

Father Pacwa’s book is also useful for groups who want to pursue this education together. He offers discussion points at the end of each chapter and suggests further reading for group or individual study. It would be useful to groups who are looking for additional sources of prayer and study during this Year of Faith.

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