This short primer on faith–its reasonableness, its centrality to our lives, and means for its growth–is consistent with Fr. Benedict Groeschel‘s many other works. That is, it is a poignant look at one of the pressing issues of our day, with a healthy dose of Fr. Benedict’s wit and insight.

The Journey of Faith looks at three specific areas of faith: Faith in God, Faith in Christ, and Faith in the Church. All three aspects of faith are under attack in our modern society and many people could benefit from Groeschel’s brief excursus on each point. The appendices contain examples of faith, writings on faith by saints (St. Therese, for instance), and other helpful information about how the seemingly esoteric talk about faith takes root in everyday life.

Groeschel summarizes the many issues in our world that could cause one to lose faith. (Groeschel actually wrote the book in 2005 under the title, Why Do We Believe?, but his points are still applicable today.) We have scandal in the Church, prominent atheists are more outspoken about their views and picked up by the mainstream media. There are natural disasters that lead us to wonder about the problem of evil, etc. All of these issues, however, can be paths to a deeper and more intimate union with God.

Groeschel talks about his many interactions with Mother Teresa. A woman the world considered a saint long before she died, she was afflicted with an unsatisfied longing for God. She did not feel His presence while doing her work, but she knew–she had an abiding faith–that He was the One upholding her in her work and giving her the strength to continue. She knew it so deeply that she continued her efforts in the face of no emotional encouragement or solace.

Mother Teresa was extraordinary, but also had extraordinary pains in life. What the average person can take from Groeschel’s book is that we can find God in the ordinary, and deepen our faith through the ordinary, and become holy through the ordinary. The path is laid out for us, it is just now a matter of coming to belief and daily strengthening that belief in God, in Christ, and in His Body the Church.

I recommend this book to anyone seeking to strengthen their faith or to understand a bit about what makes a believer think and act the way he does.

This review was written as part of The Catholic Company‘s Reviewer Program. For an honest review of the book, the reviewer was provided a complimentary copy. If you would like to learn more about The Journey of Faith or The Catholic Company, go to


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