Evangelical Catholicism: A Call to Renewal

A recent article by Hugh Hewitt reminded me of a theme that I think is under-taught and under-developed in the Catholic Church. That is, Catholics are often afraid to be "evangelical." By evangelical, I do not mean that they act like members of the Protestant sect of the same name. (Although we could learn a … Continue reading Evangelical Catholicism: A Call to Renewal

From the Cross to the Resurrection

Stay a while. Do not hurry by the cross on your way to Easter joy, for we know the risen Lord only through Christ and Him crucified. - Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, "Father, Forgive Them" In Fr. Neuhaus's piece, his first meditation on the last seven words, he speaks of the gift of the Cross and … Continue reading From the Cross to the Resurrection

Recommended blogs, The Philosopher Mom

Here is Round Two of the Recommended Blogs posts. Today I want to point everyone to The Philosopher Mom. Written by an undergrad companion of mine and dear friend, this blog is dedicated to pondering the great questions of life even through the ordinary and mundane. The Aherns have just welcomed a third little lady … Continue reading Recommended blogs, The Philosopher Mom

Arch of Triumph (Erich Maria Remarque)

I picked up this book on the recommendation of Judge Richard Posner. (It wasn't a personal recommendation. I heard him mention the book when he was in a panel discussion.) Posner's recommendation came from his idea that literature had a lot to tell us about the law. And Arch of Triumph had a lot to … Continue reading Arch of Triumph (Erich Maria Remarque)