There is a season for everything, they say, and this season as a blogger is at an end. This fall, I will begin clerking for a judge who has a policy that his clerks are not allowed to have blogs, Facebook pages, etc. It’s a sensible policy, and I’m all for it. But due to the policy, that means that the blog will have to come to an end anyway at the beginning of September. I’m ending it now because it is time.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about making the best use of your time, and keeping your eternal goal ever in mind. For better or worse, blogging has never been near the top of my priority list despite the fact that I enjoy doing it. What is on the top of my list is now going to consume all my time until September.

Beginning tomorrow, I will have my Bar prep courses, my part-time job, and my family. Without those three things, respectively, I would not pass the Bar, I would not be able to save for a project we’re working on, and I would go insane. In short, blogging didn’t make the list. But neither did reading for pleasure or other such things. It is a fact of life that sometimes we cannot fit in everything, and this is clearly one of those times for me. Something has to go.

Please pray for us as we move on to another interesting, exciting, and frustrating chapter of life. And that doesn’t even include the Bar. Some of you will come to know what I’m talking about in due course, but for now I will leave it at that.

At some point in life, I will again blog at another site. You can see it’s not up and running yet, but the day will come, I assure you. It may be a year, or two, but someday I will need to read good books to help my sanity and I will feel the urge to blog about it. Until then . . .

I’ll leave this post up for a few days. Please pray for us as we move forward into life after law school. Peace.


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