Letter and Spirit: Faith in Exile and Political Theology

This volume of Letter & Spirit contains a fascinating series of studies on various aspects of political theology. It is not a light-hearted read by any means. But it is not a theologically-abstruse collection either. The articles in this issue–written by more popular biblical scholars, such as Scott Hahn, as well as theologians who are … Continue reading Letter and Spirit: Faith in Exile and Political Theology


Red Book of Chinese Martyrs

Rarely do we hear about the atrocities of the Maoist regime in China. Everyone seems to know about Hitler's tyranny leading to the Holocaust. Many know of Stalin's oppression of minorities and others in the Gulag work camps. What most of us do not know is that the Maoist regime was doing as much or … Continue reading Red Book of Chinese Martyrs

Another perspective on immigration

Another view, closely aligned with Bishop Olmsted's is here from Fr. Jay Scott Newman (another person for whom I have immense respect). Fr. Newman adds another layer to what Bishop Olmsted mentioned, which is that if we were in the position of the immigrant, we would do the same thing. It is not right for … Continue reading Another perspective on immigration

Arizona's immigration conundrum

The State legislature in Arizona recently passed, and the Governor recently signed, a bill purported to enforce federal immigration laws through the actions of state and local law enforcement officials. Many have called the law racist. Others call it unconstitutional. Some call it common sense. I'm not going to dive into the tempting waters of … Continue reading Arizona's immigration conundrum