Back in action

I started working out again. One motivation for this, beyond the obvious need to be healthy, came from a sermon I heard from Msgr. Pope in D.C. (available here).  The basic point: “Christ did not come and die so that you could be mediocre. You should have great expectations.”

That little bit of encouragement really struck a chord in me. Christ did not come for us to be mediocre, in anything that we do. He came to break into who we are, to break into our relationships, to sanctify our work, to transform even our bodies as temples of His Spirit. Christ did not die so we could be lazy, but to give us the strength–the grace–to persevere in hope and to life a life of faith.

If you are just treading water right now without any direction, it sounds like it is time for a change. Decide today to make that change and put the new plan into action.


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