Back in action

I started working out again. One motivation for this, beyond the obvious need to be healthy, came from a sermon I heard from Msgr. Pope in D.C. (available here).  The basic point: "Christ did not come and die so that you could be mediocre. You should have great expectations." That little bit of encouragement really … Continue reading Back in action


Baby Simon, pray for us

Each night before my daughter goes to bed, we ask our dear little boy Simon to intercede for us. It was a year ago today that we lost him. His burial afterward was a beautiful experience, one filled with so many mixed emotions. Sadness, confusion, anger, some joy, emptiness. We had prayed for a little … Continue reading Baby Simon, pray for us

Media Resource for Catholic Parents

Jim Havens just launched Culture Gauge, a website devoted to informing Catholic parents about our culture and its media–the good, the bad, and everything in between. For those parents who are wondering how our culture can affect their children, Jim provides some wonderful tools to use to evaluate our current situation. If you are wondering … Continue reading Media Resource for Catholic Parents