Okay, it is odd to write about a piece of furniture, I know, but I felt so vindicated this morning reading this post that I had to write about it. I’ve gone back and forth in my mind over the last three years, but I think my standing desk is here to stay.

I first stumbled on the idea when I saw reports about Donald Rumsfeld working at a standing desk:

Yesterday, underlings were happy to confirm that their 71-year-old boss does, indeed, toil for hours without sitting. Evidently he enjoys it. “There is no chair at his desk in his office,” spokeswoman Hollen Wheeler told us. “When he works, he stands. When he reads or writes, he uses a stand-up desk all day. . . . Maybe that’s a tribute to his health. He’s in great shape.”

But what about when Rumsfeld relaxes? “When he has lunch with people he sits down,” said a defense official who asked not to be identified. “But what he does when he eats alone, I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stood.”

Further proof that one man’s torture is simply another man’s posturing.

One of Rumsfeld’s former assistants told me that Rumsfeld did not stand necessarily for the health benefits, but because he was better able to access everything he needed. Whatever his reasoning, it inspired me to build one for myself.

My desk is from the Bombay Company, something we received for free from the church we used to work at when they got new furniture. I have my MacBook Pro on one side, a second monitor in the middle, and an ErgoDesk reading area on one side. For me, this setup is the best I’ve had in years and it works very well. I’m able to spread some things out while I work, I have defined workspaces, I’m not tempted to look at the computer or check e-mail while I’m reading, and I’m in front of a window, so there is a lot of good natural light.

I’m not sure when or if the day will come where I would have a standing desk at work. I think that I’d have to be a rather important person at a law firm or government agency before I could declare that I will have a standing desk, but perhaps a small one on the side will serve the purpose as well. I can attest to the health benefits–at least from an attentiveness standpoint. It’s a bit more difficult to fall asleep standing up!

I highly recommend a standing desk for anyone interested in a healthier, more active lifestyle and work experience. Many people work all day long on their feet–why should office work be any different?


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