Polyamory and other failed political theories

As I was walking into the law school the other day, I overheard this snippet of a conversation: “Polyamory is just like Communism–great in theory, but it never works in practice.”

The comment struck me as similar to what many in Congress think about universal healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform, and other far-reaching programs. The ideas sound great, but they ultimately fail in practice. (Although I do not say Communism is even “great” in theory. It’s an abomination, even if it did work.)

The whole healthcare debate that just passed, and the immigration debate about to come, are chock-full of good intentions. We want people to have healthcare and not go bankrupt when they get a serious disease. We want to welcome others to this great country to experience what we have. But while these are laudable goals, they cannot come through any possible means.

The American project has persisted as long as it has because we believe in a democratic process that is open and truly representative of the people’s desires. The people do not want universal healthcare–at least not in its current form. And yet, the Democrat-led Congress rammed the legislation through by any means they could. We cannot get to the American Dream by ignoring the American Way.

One good thing that will surely come out of the inanity that we just saw this past weekend is that there will be many more freshman Congressmen on Capitol Hill after this coming election. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents should all take heed: Americans will no longer tolerate blatant disregard for their wishes. If you do not listen to the people, you will not represent the people. Plain and simple.

The more general Obamisms of our day: saying you’re listening when you’re not, cajoling those who disagree, and pushing an agenda that only represents about 30% of the American population is sheer buffoonery. The administration’s disingenuous approach to just about everything has really gotten old quickly. I can only hope that Americans wake up and make their voices heard in the next election.

This weekend, there was an historic moment for America. We forever changed the tenor of American politics and not for the better.


2 thoughts on “Polyamory and other failed political theories

  1. I am compelled to burst that bubble – it is entirely untrue that polyamory works in theory but not in practice. Indeed, it works in my life and main relationship just as it does for thousands every day, and our numbers are growing fast. To be sure, it’s a huge adjustment and not for everyone. It requires a lot of love, patience, honesty, self-awareness, flexibility, and great communication skills, and those who master these go on to experience an abundance of love that is quite remarkable.

  2. It cannot possibly be right to applaud a ‘democratic process that is open and truly representative of the people’s desires’ whilst also putting forward an ethical argument so heavily based upon exclusionist practice. Exclude those who wish – as non-Native Americans themselves did – to improve their standard of living by way of migration; exclude those who believe that the well majority should assist in the care of the infirm minority….. One assumes from the title of this piece, communists and polyamorists also receive the cold shoulder?

    On that theme, what on earth possessed the author of this piece to link a political/socioeconomic theory with an emotional/sexual paradigm for conducting interpersonal relationships? A little more in-depth comment concerning that theme may have lent this article more weight!

    And as for ‘cajoling those who disagree’…… It seems that the author of this piece may have more in common with the method’s that they perceive to be Obama’s than they would care to agree…..

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