I cannot believe this just happened. The House just passed the Senate’s version of the “healthcare” bill that it passed last December. 219-212. And to think that many of the votes that came at the end of the day were in response to Obama’s executive order that purports to confirm that there will be no federal funding of abortion in the bill. I do not think that the executive order will have much effect. The administration has made it clear in its short tenure that it is committed to harming the right to life in favor of abortion.

Watching the debate on C-SPAN, I cannot help but think that the members of Congress are proving that they are acting like fifth-graders. No wonder their approval rating is so low.

But, the process is interesting. Surely, there are many things that will be challenged in court, and perhaps that is where the battle must be fought. For now, it seems like the bill will pass through all its stages tonight. And, of course, there’s all the other stuff in the bill that people don’t know about.

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