With the healthcare debate ongoing in Congress, new information surfaced regarding Obama’s behind-the-scenes strategy to get members of the Catholic Church on board with national healthcare. Many groups–the Catholic Bishops, for one–have condemned the legislation because it retains provisions for public financial support of abortion. Other Catholics have come out in favor of the legislation. The debate has divided many in the Church.

What is remarkable in this whole debate is the center stage that abortion has taken (see here, here, and here). One positive sign from the debate is that it seems more Americans are against abortion, at least against it enough that they do not want to fund it through their taxes. And abortion is not like other provisions in the bill. While there are general complaints against the bill–too numerous to mention here–a central target throughout has been the abortion language in the bill. That seems to be a ground for progress moving forward, even if Congress rams through the current legislation.

There is still time to act. Please take two minutes and fill out this form to contact your representatives. This is the time to speak up and it does not take much of an effort to help the cause.

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