Last spring, I helped to write and edit an amicus brief for a case in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The case involves an appeal after an obscenity conviction for selling obscene videos across state lines. The appellants’ brief is here.

The side we were supporting won the case. The decision is here.

In criminal cases, the 11th Circuit requires the briefs to state anyone who has an interest in the outcome of the case and also to name the victims. The appellants’ brief stated: “There are no victims in this case.”

While obscenity is treated differently from otherwise sexually-explicit pornography, the underlying principles are the same. There are victims. Many of them.

Everyone in today’s society is somehow plagued by the pornography industry, an industry that grosses billions of dollars each year in the United States. People often do not realize the grip pornography has on them each day until it has taken over and they bravely seek to kill the addiction (see here).

One new site, partially supported by the Alliance Defense Fund, is combating the pornography industry head on through educating society about its harms and the disastrous effects it can have on men, women, and families. The site, Pornography Harms, is a good tool for those who seek to reclaim our culture within an overly sexualized and disordered society. Please check it out today, and if you are able, donate to Morality in Media to help support the cause.


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