Year for Priests–a prayer request

In this year for priests, we remember the men who give of themselves completely to build up the Body of Christ and to lead us to our Head Who is Christ. But priests are human too, and they struggle. Some struggle mightily. Two of my classmates are struggling. I won't name names or go into … Continue reading Year for Priests–a prayer request


Remembering Martin Luther King

In honor of today's holiday, you should read this piece by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus. I first read it in a "best of" volume of Neuhaus's Public Square essays. It is worth your time to understand better the heart and soul of Dr. King from a man who knew him and fought along his side.

A forgotten part of the military

A former classmate of mine, Fr. Carl Subler, is a priest in the Army. He is currently serving overseas and providing spiritual support for the brave men and women of the Armed Services. He spoke about the experience some time ago here. Let us remember to pray for those who provide support for our combat troops, … Continue reading A forgotten part of the military

Catholics and the law

There is a nice reflection on how Catholicism and the Church influenced the development of law here and abroad. A sad but true realization toward the end: Catholicism, of course, no longer influences Western law as it used to. Modern legal theory tends to see law as the practice of keeping evildoers at bay or … Continue reading Catholics and the law