Sometimes in life, there are people that often rub you the wrong way, but you cannot imagine them not being a part of your life. As goes the line from the Muppet Movie: “You can’t live with ’em, you can’t live without ’em.” Such is life with my dog, Dasher.

We adopted Dasher twice over. That’s a long story in itself, but in our hasty move to give him up in favor of a calmer, gentler canine, we overlooked the most important factor–he gets along with our daughter. He had, in fact, become a part of the family, and we could not so quickly or easily give up one of our own.

That is not to say he is a piece of cake to have around. (In fact, be sure NOT to leave any piece of cake lying around because it will be gone in a second, but I digress.) Dasher has his moments. Like when he ate our freshly-grilled marinated steak I cooked for our anniversary this summer. Or when he polished off the freshly-baked pumpkin muffins that filled the house with mouth-watering smells. Or, in his younger days, when he would take a towel out of the kitchen and run around the entire house until he sought refuge under the kitchen table. When you went to retrieve the towel, you were met with bared teeth and a menacing growl. Now, we don’t see those teeth too much unless we raise that lip while he’s sleeping.

Most of his day is spent sleeping–that’s the “love” part of our relationship. The “hate” part welcomes me many mornings when he attempts to rip my shoulder out of its socket on our walks. This after running around the house with excitement, threatening to wake up our daughter three hours before her usual waking time. What will it be this morning? Let’s find out.

Have a blessed day.


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