More to come soon . . .

I've been offline for a long time now, about a week, and will be getting back full time tomorrow. I just filed a brief to the 9th Circuit, so my Christmas vacation work is finally finished. I have a few things to read for pleasure and will want to write about them in the coming … Continue reading More to come soon . . .


Some thoughts on the founding

Michael Novak has a series of insightful posts on the First Things blog about the lost (or forgotten) virtues in America since the founding. The posts (here, here, and here) are worth the read because they contextualize the modern American situation in light of what the founders were striving for in the Revolution and founding. … Continue reading Some thoughts on the founding

Reaping the fruits of your labor

For any of you remotely interested in international law, the fall issue of our journal just posted online. The issue covers a broad range of topics–human trafficking, state sovereignty, judicial activism, just war theory, applying Muslim law in England, and even one piece on the Supreme Court and tribal law. The pieces are well done … Continue reading Reaping the fruits of your labor

My love-hate relationship: Dasher the Dog

Sometimes in life, there are people that often rub you the wrong way, but you cannot imagine them not being a part of your life. As goes the line from the Muppet Movie: "You can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em." Such is life with my dog, Dasher. We adopted Dasher twice over. … Continue reading My love-hate relationship: Dasher the Dog