Advent, Week One

The time of expectation has come and we once again wait in joyful expectation for the coming of our Savior. I. The Prosperous Must Show Forth Their Thankfulness to God, by Liberality to the Poor and Needy The transcendent power of God's grace, dearly beloved, is indeed daily effecting in Christian hearts the transference of … Continue reading Advent, Week One

Bishop Tobin and Patrick Kennedy, Part Two

Kathryn Jean Lopez has this piece discussing the Tobin-Kennedy debate. She says mainly what everyone else has been saying: this could be a great moment for Patrick Kennedy if he was willing to submit his political talents to the truth and pursue a courageous, pro-life platform. Given the waning influence of the Kennedy dynasty, I … Continue reading Bishop Tobin and Patrick Kennedy, Part Two

Doers of the Word (Archbishop Dolan)

In this short work (only 125 pages), Archbishop Dolan presents anecdotes and reflections about living the Catholic life. Largely the product of his meditations in his "cave" in Wisconsin and his residence chapel in Manhattan, these short entries provide a bit of reflection on a particular aspect of Catholic living alongside a fun fact about … Continue reading Doers of the Word (Archbishop Dolan)

Civil disobedience in defense of life

Many religious leaders agreed this week to challenge anti-life measures imposed on them through government action. This includes recognition of same-sex marriage, requirements that pharmacists dispense abortifacients against their consciences, and, of course, abortion. Various religious faiths and various organizations were represented by the signatories of the Manhattan Declaration. The Catechism of the Catholic Church … Continue reading Civil disobedience in defense of life

The path of perseverance: two small examples

On November 9th, I started two long processes. The first is a Marian consecration with my family set to end on Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day (December 12). The second was working out with P90X. Perseverance is a difficult virtue to develop, as it requires small efforts along what may be a very long … Continue reading The path of perseverance: two small examples