Bishop Wall (L)

My family has taken on the task–gift, blessing, privilege–of praying for an individual priest each month during the Year for the Priest. This month, it’s Bishop James Wall, our former pastor and one of the priests who celebrated our wedding. May this priest, and all our faithful priests, be abundantly blessed in this Year of the Priest. St. John Vianney, pray for us

Below is a great video to celebrate the Year of the Priest. I had posted something about it before, but it is worth doing again.

Archbishop Dolan’s words are rather poignant not only for priests, but for those in other vocations as well:

First, they are called by name, just as we are all called by name through our baptisms. Second, they generously accepted the invitation from Jesus Himself to serve, just as we need to accept the gift we have received from Christ and give it back to Him in loving service. Third, their ordination, like our own vocations, was a pure gift from God, not an earned trophy. Indeed, His call trumps our curriculum vitae, His grace lifts up our nature.

The beauty and mystery of a vocation is something I think we can all appreciate. It is important to know that whatever state of life we are in, we are called to allow God to use us in that role as co-workers in the vineyard. The laity is called in a special way to evidence God’s grace working in the world. Let us strive to make His grace ever more present in the world.

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