Dads change brains

This Wall Street Journal article details the results of studies conducted on rodents analyzing the effects of a single-parent upbringing. While the results are not necessarily translatable to humans, there is certainly reason to think a fatherless home has significant cognitive consequences on a child. Fatherless families became a significant point in the last election, … Continue reading Dads change brains


Tomorrow morning, Justice Scalia is coming to town. He and Justice Breyer are going to debate constitutional principles and statutory interpretation. Should be fun. (You can watch it here. They've done it before here.) Though I've never met the man (and I plan to change that on Monday), Justice Scalia is, quite frankly, a bit … Continue reading Scalia!

Sr. Quinn, Abortion Escort

But can you be a religious sister? This disturbing story of Sr. Donna Quinn, O.P., highlights for me one small insight of a book I read this week. Catholic Matters by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus (a favorite of mine) notes the discord and confusion that plagues our modern age. This confusion reaches even to Dominican … Continue reading Sr. Quinn, Abortion Escort

God does not ask you to be successful . . .

God does not ask you to be successful. God asks you to be faithful. Such was the the substance of our Sunday homily this morning. The homilist had these words hanging in his office on a small paper that was once his mentor's. These words strike at a central reality of what it means to … Continue reading God does not ask you to be successful . . .

Conversation with Justice O'Connor

This Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear two cases at the College of Law. One interesting twist is that Justice O'Connor will sit by designation along with Judge Kozinski and Judge Ikuta. A fairly recent conversation with Justice O'Connor is here discussing her attempt to enter the legal profession. O'Connor, for all … Continue reading Conversation with Justice O'Connor

Stay-at-home moms and false dichotomies

Colleen Carroll Campbell has this short piece about the false dichotomy outlined in a Census Bureau publication regarding the demographic composition of stay-at-home moms. The Bureau does not take into account the many women who are highly educated who choose to stay at home or move to part-time situations to raise children. The Bureau's analysis … Continue reading Stay-at-home moms and false dichotomies