Fr. Schall on thinking like a Catholic

Fr. Schall was recently interviewed by Zenit about his latest book. I've written about this before when Fr. Schall offered some comments on it at the Catholic Information Center in D.C. The Catholic mind, Schall says, is open to all sources of truth, from all media available to us. We are open to all things … Continue reading Fr. Schall on thinking like a Catholic


Obama: An American Philosopher King?

Many welcomed Barack Obama last year as a charismatic, high-minded, rhetorically persuasive leader as they overwhelmingly elected him as president. Yet, as the luster has faded through one failed initiative after another, some have begun to question the virtue of a "brainy" president and his cadre of advisors. Thomas Sowell has this thoughtful piece discussing … Continue reading Obama: An American Philosopher King?