Vocations Video

This is an incredible video to promote priestly vocations. Well worth watching by anyone in this Year of the Priest. Enjoy.


Feast of St. Dominic

  Happy feast day to the Order of Preachers. From today's Office of Readings: Dominic possessed such great integrity and was so strongly motivated by divine love, that without a doubt he proved to be a bearer of honour and grace. He was a man of great equanimity, except when moved to compassion and mercy. … Continue reading Feast of St. Dominic

I'll take "Distinctions" for 800, Alex

I wrote comments on a number of other blogs similar to what I said in my What makes a marriage? post the other day. The comments are almost more disturbing than the wedding dance video. Many of the comments, if not most of the comments, go something like this: I would NEVER want to see … Continue reading I'll take "Distinctions" for 800, Alex