Mentor Four: St. Crispin

St. Crispin–patron of cobblers–may be an odd choice, I know. But Crispin is less a choice for his example to us as a holy man, though he was a saintly and faithful bishop, and more a nostalgic choice and a call to communio as Catholic men.

A bit of background: A venerable fellowship I was a member of during my undergraduate years had many traditions passed down through the ages, though I know not how far back the traditions go. One such pastime was to gather on the evening of October 24–the vigil of St. Cripin’s Day–for libations and dramatic readings. The central reading is dramatized in the video below, part of Shakespeare’s Henry V. (As you may know, the famous Battle of Agincourt occurred on St. Crispin’s Day.)

The speech captures one aspect of being a Catholic man–joining in communio with other Catholic men and arming yourself for battle. None of us have to fight alone. We confront the culture war, troubles in our families, personal failings, and difficulties at work together, with a support group of other men willing to stand with us and be counted among those who fought. In today’s society, we need more men who are willing to “fight the good fight” and give of themselves. One way to do this is by helping a brother who has fallen or needs a little encouragement. We each need some extra help along the way, and finding a community to support you is essential in your ability to fully thrive as a Catholic man.

St. Crispin, pray for us.


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