I’m constantly seeking great homilies from faithful priests around the country. Here are the ones I’ve found. Feel free to suggest others as a comment.

Fr. Jay Scott Newman, a friend of mine at St. Mary’s in Greenville, South Carolina gives some of the best homilies I’ve heard. They are full of Scripture, serious theology, Church history, and commentaries on contemporary society. They will challenge you to become a better man and a better Catholic. Homilies from St. Mary’s in Greenville are available via podcast.

Spired Pulpit, St. Vincent Ferrer (New York City)



Fr. John Ehrich, pastor at St. Thomas the Apostle in Phoenix, AZ, gives great insight into the readings and the particular feast, often with a slant toward moral theology, his specialty. His homilies are available via podcast on the home page.

Fr. Mark White has great homilies posted on his blog, Preacher and Big Daddy (the link is to this week’s homily). Father White is also a friend and was often an older brother in the spiritual life. He was the first to introduce me to some of my favorite spiritual authors.

Do you have any other suggestions for great contemporary homilies?


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