Who will replace Wuerl?

Today's news about the pope accepting Cardinal Wuerl's resignation left me with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was pleased to seemovement--a high-ranking prelate and visible player in the McCarrick and PA Grand Jury sagas stepped down. But on the other hand, movement is not enough. The pope's letter regarding Wuerl seems to miss … Continue reading Who will replace Wuerl?


Words and actions

Whether St. Francis actually said it or not, he is often attributed with saying that we should preach the Gospel always and, if necessary, use words. St. Francis or not, the point is clear--actions speak louder than words. And we are in desperate need of action. In all areas of society, we hear polished press … Continue reading Words and actions

History repeats itself

You may know about how St. Catherine of Siena wrote Pope Gregory XI in 1376 when he was in Avignon, telling him to go back to Rome. It's a famous story. It gives people a glimpse of how bold Catherine was in the face of power. She was a voice of truth in her own … Continue reading History repeats itself

A shepherd’s sad voice

Over at his blog,¬†Achilles and his gold, Fr. Mark White posts a series of communications with his bishop, Barry Knestout, in the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. (A quick caveat: I attended seminary with Fr. White and have the utmost respect and admiration for him. He is a speaker of truth and desires the same clarity … Continue reading A shepherd’s sad voice

Let’s be obnoxious

Even though I am sure she did not mean to do it, Elizabeth Bruening's article on a rape in Texas that was denied, concealed, and forgotten by the adults who should have been protecting Amber Wyatt has many parallels to our current situation in the Church. And it has many parallels to the Church's liturgical … Continue reading Let’s be obnoxious

Shining a light into darkness

The Catholic moment we are experiencing has revealed much about sexual immorality among and between clergy and the associated abuse of power that enabled and concealed the immorality for so long. The¬†#MeToo movement that has gained steam over the last two years has shone light into the darkness of similar enablement and concealment. As these … Continue reading Shining a light into darkness