Padre Pio: A Personal Portrait (Francesco Napolitano)

padre-pioMuch of what I knew about Padre Pio before reading this book came through stories that seemed apocryphal. They seemed too good to be true. They seemed to be part of the saccharine hagiography that characterizes so much of what is out there. This book changed all that.

Fr. Francesco Napolitano knew Padre Pio, worked with him, cared for him. The story of Padre Pio told through this lens provides a whole different view of his life and work. It’s just as amazing as those original stories I heard, but this time it was real. It was a human portrait of a super-human figure. Continue reading “Padre Pio: A Personal Portrait (Francesco Napolitano)”

Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss)

On my holiday reading list is Tim Ferriss‘s new Tools of Titans. I’m waiting to receive my copy (Christmas can’t come soon enough), but I wanted to encourage others to read the book even though I haven’t. I’ve listened to the first chapter that Tim has read on his podcast. This is going to be worth every penny. (His other books are great, too. See here, here, and here.)

Continue reading “Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss)”

Backlog of books

There are a lot of books I’ve received to review recently, including three today. I’m going to get to all of them, I promise. And to give you some idea of what is to come, here are the books that I’ll be reviewing in the coming weeks and months:

Ossa Latinitatis Sola (Fr. Reginald Foster and Daniel McCarthy)

A Catechism for Business (Joseph Capizzi)

The Incarnate Lord: a Thomistic Study in Christology (Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP)

He Leadeth Me (Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ)

Evangelical Catholicism (George Weigel)

The Philanthropic Revolution (Jeremy Beer)

Anything You Want (Derek Sivers)

Behold the Man (Harold Burke-Sivers)

Navigating the Tiber (Devin Rose)

Padre Pio (Fr. Francesco Napolitano)

Candles in the Dark (Joseph Pearce)

The Barefoot Lawyer (Chen Guangcheng)

Passion for Truth (Fr. Juan Velez)

Blood of a Stone (Jeanne Gassman)

Hard Sayings (Trent Horn)

Grace in the Wilderness (Br. Francis de Sales Wagner, OSB)

The Coup at Catholic University (Peter M. Mitchell)

As you can tell, I have my work cut out for me–in addition to the other books and things that come my way. So, off to work.